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Location of Fraser Suites Abuja

Nestled among government agencies and embassies, Fraser Suites Abuja’s strategic location in the city centre offers guests who travel for business or leisure convenient access to events in Abuja and Abuja tourist attractions, with many at just a short walk or a short drive away.

Fraser Suites Abuja

National Commission for Museums & Monuments

The federal agency of Nigeria seeks to preserve the traditional culture of Nigerian people through its displays, collections and research across museums and historic sites.

Cyprian Ekwensi Centre for Arts & Culture

The Abuja council is a showcase of artworks and local festivals. 

Chinese Cultural Centre

Built by the Chinese Government, this centre is a place for public lectures, arts exploration and cultural learning.

National Mosque Abuja

This is the national mosque of a country with a substantial Muslim population.

National Ecumenical Centre

One of the largest Christian centres in Abuja, the building is a remarkable piece of architecture.

Aso Rock Presidential Villa

The residence and office for the President of Nigeria, Aso Villa is a national monument for which the outside view is well worth the visit

National Assembly

Located in the Three Arms Zones of Abuja, the Complex houses both the upper and lower houses of the legislative arm of the government.

Abuja City Gate

The Gate marks a monumental entry point into the city centre from the expressway.

Eagle Square

Sited amongst major city landmarks, the Square is used for hosting National Parades, symbolic transfer of governmental power and presidential ceremonies.

Nigerian Arts & Culture

The centre is home to art and cultural pieces that express the Nigerian tradition and values.

Arts & Crafts Village

Located within the CBD, here you will find artifacts and handicrafts that exemplify the diverse culture of Nigeria.

Zuma Rock

A large monolith with a spectacular presence located in the north of Abuja.

National Children's Park and Zoo

Sited behind the Presidential Villa, children will love the wildlife here.

Maitama Amusement Park

There is so much fun here at the world class leisure facility that pleases both kids and adults alike.

Millennium Park

The 32-hectare park has beautiful walkways, fountains and night lights that make an ideal spot for relaxation.

Magic Land Amusement Park

Located near the city gate, the Amusement Park is a huge place that offers great fun and excitement for the young.

Silverbird Entertainment Centre

Centrally located, the 33,000 sqm Silverbird is the perfect place for the latest movies, local and international fashion labels and lots more. 

Abuja Stadium

The 60,491 seater stadium features a state-of-the-art multipurpose sports complex.

Trukadero Place

A bowling joint that is specially designed for both first-timers and seasoned players.

Chop Sticks Restaurant

The long-standing restaurant is well-loved for its Chinese, Asian and vegetarian cuisines. 

Panache Restaurant

A continental restaurant with ambience and services ideal for fine dining.

Masala Wahala

A cosy restaurant that serves local and Indian cuisine with cocktails.

Shagalinku Restaurant

Delicious Northern Nigerian treats done with charcoal are served here at Shagalinku. 

Cafe De Vie

The Bohemian-styled café offers a variety of food and drinks with chill-out music and a floating bar. 

Domino’s Pizza

The comfort food that makes an easy choice.

Coldstone Creamery

For high quality ice creams and sorbets.

Hart Lab

For authentic Italian gelato ice creams. 


For Indian-Nigerian cuisine served in a beautiful environment.

Da Maria Italian Food & Delicatessen

Italian fare is served here in a pleasant setting.

Yahuza Suya Spot

This is the place to be for lovers of roasted chicken and more.   

Woks & Koi

Offers authentic Chinese cuisine.

Jabi Lake Mall

Readily accessible by location, the mall offers shopping and entertainment in a serene environment with a full lakefront view.

Wuse Market

The biggest open market is a great place where you can find almost anything from groceries, fabrics, jewellery to butchery.

Garki International Market

A shopping centre with tailoring services, clothing materials and accessories, hardware and food, etc.

Amigos Supermarket

The oldest supermarket is well stocked to cater to the daily need of all at home.

H-Medix Pharmacy and Stores

These stores come with a pharmacy and supermarket catering to the day-to-day needs of the family.

Moscow Night Club Underground

The lounge-cum-night club is a wonderful blend of music, people and entertainment.

The Caribbean Lounge & Night Club

A club that comes with karaoke, this is a place where you can dance and sing all night.

Sofa Lounge

A lounge favoured by the celebrities, the classy karaoke lounge is well-known for its stylish sofas. 

Play Lounge

The night club with an event hall is popular for its themed parties.

Aramis Club

A great place for casual group outings and social networking.


For good food savoured along good music in lounge ambience.

National Stadium Abuja

Constitution Avenue, Central Business District Dis900211, Abuja.

  • Fraser Suites Abuja

    • Supermarket, pharmacy and more - Grand Square Shopping Mall (3 minutes by foot)
    • Supermarket, pharmacy, cinema and more - Ceddi Plaza Shopping Mall (3 minutes by car)
    • Hospital - National Hospital (7 minutes by car)
    • Banks  (2 minutes by car)
    • Embassies and High Commissions
    • Railway Station, under construction (4 minutes by car)
    • Bureau de Change (3 minutes by car)
    • Abuja Central Mosque ( 7 minutes by foot)
    • Millennium Park (5 minutes by car)
    • Silverbird Entertainment Centre (4 minutes by car)
    • Magic Land Amusement Park and Resort (15 minutes by car)
    • IBB International Golf and Country Club (10 minutes by car)
    • Nightclubs (10 minutes by car)
    • Nigerian Arts Culture Centre (local artefacts & cuisine) - 3 minutes’ drive
  • About the City (short introduction about the city)

    Built in the 1980s, Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria located within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).  The Aso Rock, a 400-metre monolith which defines its geography, has been a focus in Abuja tourism.

    One of the most populous cities in Nigeria, Abuja is also among Africa’s wealthiest cities, as well as the fastest growing in the world. Embassies and multinational corporations have come to make their footprint in the central business district.  Within the CBD is the well-known Three Arms Zone that houses the administrative offices of the executive, legislative and judicial arms of the federal government.

    Home to sites that bear historic significance, the Abuja skyline has in recent years seen modern buildings and landmark skyscrapers rise in tandem with its fast development.  Within the city, parks and open green areas have been constructed to depict a lifestyle beyond business, catering to serenity, as the city appeals to travellers drawn to Abuja attractions.

    Nearby places of Interest (Include distance and traveling time.)

    • IBB Golf Club & Country Club – 17 minutes by car, 9.4km
    • An Noor Mosque – 10 minutes by car, 3.8km
    • National Mosque – 5 minutes by car, 1.6km
    • Millennium Park – 15 minutes by car, 4.5km
    • Dunes (retail stores, restaurant) – 9 minutes by car, 3.1km
  • Getting to Fraser Suites Abuja

    By Taxi

    From Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, travelling time is about 35-40 minutes.  Estimated charge is 3,000 Naira. Hotel also provides chargeable airport shuttle upon request.

  • Essential Facts about the City


    1,728 sqm

    Local time
    WAT (UTC+1)


    The largest indigenous group in Abuja is the Gbabyi, followed by Koro and other smaller indigenous groups.

    English is the official language although Hausa is widely spoken by locals in the FCT.

    Travel visas can be acquired by application to the Nigerian High Commission of the applicant’s country of residence.   An international passport is needed for this process.

    VAT/GST  5%; Service tax 10%.

    Not applicable.

    Business Hours
    Most businesses and shops operate from Mondays to Fridays, between 08:00 to 17:00 hours.

    Eating Out
    A wide variety of options is available from local, Italian, Indian, Chinese and other continental cuisines, including fast food.

    Telephone Network
    Etisalat, Airtel, MTN, Glo.

    Yellow fever vaccinations are mandatory. Others, such as Meningitis vaccine, flu shots, Polio booster, Malaria prescription, Hepatitis A & B vaccines are recommended.

    Voltage: 230V/50Hz

    The climate in Abuja is tropical with 2 weather conditions: the rainy season and the dry season.
    The rainy season is the equivalent of winter in the temperate region, from April to October; and the dry season is the equivalent of summer, from November to March.

    During the dry season, or the Harmattan, there will be dust haze, and intensified coldness and dryness, with a temperature ranging from 25° C to 30°C.

    The annual total rainfall is between 1,100mm to 1,600mm.